History of ACSA


  • Richard Ward organise a meeting to discuss the future of Cardiothoracic SA’s in the UK.
  • Motion to form an association was passed and the Association of Cardiothoracic Surgical Assistants (ACSA) was formed.
  • Richard Ward voted as the first President.
  • Need for a formal qualification identified.


  • SCTS, RCS and ACSA formulate the Surgeon’s Assistant Diploma in Cardiothoracics


  • ACSA identified a need to run a revision course for future candidates for the diploma.


  • Title of Surgical Practitioner was reviewed by the DoH .
  • Title later changed again to Surgical Care Practitioner (SCP).
  • Work begins on the National Curriculum Framework for SCP’s initiated by the DoH.

ACSA worked with many other organisations including:

Royal College of Surgeons,
National Association of Assistants in Surgical Practice
Association for Preoperative Practice
Association of Surgeons in Training
Association of Operating Department Practitioners
British Orthopaedic Trainees Association
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists


  • National Curriculum framework published.


  • ACSA and SCTS decided to start holding the annual general meeting to coincide with the SCTS meeting.


  • ACSA recieve formal representation within the SCTS.


  • New website created with the aid of industry sponsorship and ACSA funds providing members with up-to-date news, forum, archived material and ability to renew fees online.

ACSA Meetings and Presidents - Past and Present

1997 Inaugural meeting - Peterborough. President: Richard Ward
1998 Second meeting - Peterborough. President: Richard Ward
1999 Third meeting - Papworth Hospital. President: Richard Ward
2000 Fourth meeting - Peterborough. President: Richard Ward
2001 Fifth meeting - Huntingdon. President: Richard Ward
2002 Sixth meeting - Huntingdon. New president elect: Terry Redhead
2003 Seventh meeting - Newcastle. President: Terry Redhead
2004 Eighth meeting - Newcastle. New president elect: Steve Bryant
2005 Ninth meeting - Nottingham. President: Steve Bryant .
2006 Tenth meeting - Birmingham. New president elect: Tony Jessop
2007 Eleventh meeting - Edinburgh. President: Tony Jessop
2008 Twelfth meeting - Edinburgh (within SCTS). President: Tony Jessop
2009 Thirteenth meeting - (within SCTS) Bournemouth. New president elect: Tobias Rankin
2010 Fourteenth meeting - (within SCTS) Liverpool. President Tobias Rankin
2011 Fifteenth meeting - (within SCTS) London. New president elect: Alistair Marshall
2012 Sixteenth meeting - (within SCTS) Manchester. President : Alistair Marshall
2013 Eighteenth meeting - (within SCTS) Brighton. President: Alistair Marshall
2014 Nineteenth meeting - (within SCTS) Edinburgh. New President elect: Jasmina Djorjavic

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