Cardiothoracic Training .net

There is a new learning resource that has been made available for all surgical trainees and SCPs in cardiothoracic surgery.

I would encourage everyone to make use of this. Please use the link below to use the resource which is free

Their mission statement:

“Training in cardiothoracic surgery has evolved rapidly with technological advances in the specialty. Education and training formats have been driven by advances in multimedia and the availability of resources on the internet.

Training in cardiothoracic surgery encompasses both practical operative skills as well as a thorough knowledge based and scientific approach to our specialty. The trainees of today are the mentors and teachers of tomorrow. Practical skills are hard to acquire online, although increasingly simulation is being adopted and will soon become an adjunct to operative skillbase development. This website aims to:

  1. Provide the basic and advanced knowledge base for trainees at all levels
  2. A resource of materials which can be utilised for teaching
  3. A revision guide for those trainees undertaking examinations in cardiac and thoracic surgery
  4. A portal for trainees to share their experiences and support their piers in training

We welcome input from cardiothoracic trainees on how we can improve the content of the site and we also welcome contributions to the resources available.”

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